Better customer experience

Better customer experience - Betalen RFID

Companies see RFID as a new application, especially for visual merchandising and improving the customer experience in shops.

RFID in the shop

With an app, it is possible to scan labels of garments and order them in the desired sizes or ask for assistance in the fitting room. Or a customer can get more information about the item or personalised offers.

Payments can also be made quickly and automatically when the customer leaves the shop if they place the garments in a bin that scans all items at once. And there are plenty of opportunities with smart mirrors, which can give customers suggestions for matching items, for example.

GS1 Digital Link: for a dynamic consumer experience

With the GS1 Digital Link standard, the unique and well-known GS1 codes can become web links. This makes information easily available online.

If your customer scans a QR code (containing the GS1 Digital Link), he gets access to, for example, style advice, videos or product information from the manufacturer. If the customer scans the code in the shop with a retailer's app, he can get access to offers or loyalty programmes, for example.