Ordering codes made easy

Need 1 to 5 article codes?

How to order more codes?

 - Pen To Square

Create an account in MyGS1

In our customer portal MyGS1 you can order, manage codes and have insight into all your data.

 - Rectangle List

How many codes do you need?

Decide what type of code you need and how much. You can see what packages are available here. Need help? Then use our handy advice tool in MyGS1. 

 - Ideal

Pay your codes

For all codes you pay a fixed amount and an annual fee. You can pay directly via Ideal. As soon as the payment is done, your codes are ready in MyGS1.

 - Barcode

Allocate the codes to your products

Go to MyGS1, enter your product information and download the codes. You can also download matching barcodes here.