Variable price/weight code

For products with a variable price/weight

If you want to code items with a variable weight - and therefore a variable price - use these codes. Examples include fruit, cheese, scoop candy, screws and meat.

How does it work?

Ordering codes

Go to MyGS1 and order your codes.


Some software allows you to enter prices per unit weight. That software automatically calculates the correct price and check numbers in the barcode.The codes only become meaningful when you assign them to something. This number belongs to this box, this pakcage of this trolley.


You only can order variable price/weight codes as a supplement to your existing GS1 code package. 

Number of codes One-time fee Anuual fee
10 €   30,- €   30,-
100 € 130,- € 130,-

Amounts are exclusive of VAT.

Order your variable price/weight codes

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