What does a Data Management Service (DMS) do?

What does a Data Management Service (DMS) do and what role does a supplier have?

Checking article data:

  • The supplier receives a call to check article data via MyGS1, the DMS is also informed.
  • The DMS informs the supplier about how they want to receive the items. The supplier sends the items to the DMS.
  • The DMS checks the article data and feeds back the check results to the supplier.
  • The DMS answers any questions the supplier may have about the results of the checks.

Recording item data:

  • The supplier informs the DMS which items (or changes in items) need to be entered.
  • The DMS records the article data. The supplier is exempt from physical checks.

GS1 Quality Marks

GS1 accredits Data Management Services and assigns GS1 Quality Marks for recording and checking item data in GS1 Data Source.