About GS1

Who are we?

As independent, not-for-profit organization, we develop international uniform standards for identification, recording and sharing of data.

GS1 has been uniting supermarkets, hardware stores, hospitals and clothing stores, their suppliers and logistics providers for over forty years. Together with them, we are building an efficient and reliable chain.

For each industry we assess the need for logistic, administrative and non-competitive commercial processes. Businesses identify where committment exists for the introduction of GS1 standards and subsequently we facilitate the implementation of processes and standards for the entire industry.

Our strength?

The more than 18,000 Dutch companies affiliated with GS1 Netherlands, using GS1 standards.

GS1 Netherlands is part of this worldwide GS1 organisation. GS1 is represented in 150 counties with local head offices in 113 of them. Wordlwide, 1.5 million participants are affiliated with GS1. That's our strength!


It was Albert Heijn himself who brought the barcode from America to the Netherlands in the 1970s. He imagined possibilities to improve handling at the cash register.

An independent party was required to bring together supermarket chains and suppliers and make the chain more efficient. With this in mind, GS1 Netherlands was founded.
We continue working in the spirit of our founding father and visionary Albert Heijn: helping companies to cooperate more efficiently in the chain.

Our board

Our participants make up our board. They establish our policy and set the priorities. Our board members are:

Hendrik Jan Roel
Chief Financial Officer, Albert Heijn
GS1 Netherlands Chairman

Guus Slik
Managing Director, C.I.V. Superunie B.A.
GS1 Netherlands Treasurer

Harry Bruijniks
Commissarer, Euretco B.V.

Martijn Bonte
Head of Supply Chain and Operational Excellence, Wehkamp

Raymond de la Court
Managing Director, Akzo Nobel Decorative Coatings

Hennie Henrichs
General Manager, Teva Pharmachemie

Gerard Kamsteeg
Director E-business, Technische Unie B.V.

Kees de Kat
Chief Executive Officer, Fruitmasters

Lieke Luttmer
Managing Director E-commerce, Intergamma B.V.