This product comes from The Netherlands

Boes Tomatoes is a modern greenhouse located in IJsselstein.

"We cultivate loose tomatoes, cluster tomatoes, Intense slicing tomatoes, and, since 2015, cherry tomatoes in a sustainable manner. Taste and quality are always the key characteristics of our tomatoes." Marco and Sanne Boes grow the tomatoes with great passion to ensure that our customers receive a beautiful, fresh product throughout the year.

"Our tomatoes are cultivated in an environmentally conscious way. Diseases and pests are primarily controlled through organic methods by employing natural predators. Additionally, we heat our greenhouses using waste heat, green energy, and heat pumps. This ensures that we minimize the impact on nature during the cultivation of our tomatoes."

"We are affiliated with the GMO-recognized growers' cooperative Oxin Growers U.A. This cooperative offers a wide and high-quality range of fruits, greenhouse, and field vegetables to trading companies both domestically and internationally. Sales are managed by Oxin Growers, facilitating agreements between buyers and growers. The aim is to keep logistical lines as short as possible, allowing buyers to directly pick up the product from our location."