Get a Barcode

43 jarige GS1 barcode - gtin - in webwinkels

When purchasing GS1 Barcodes from GS1 Netherlands, you automatically become member of GS1 Netherlands.

This means you are licensed to use unique barcodes on your products, or to identify them at online resellers’ websites (for instance

    Several code packages are available to companies registered outside the Netherlands from GS1 Netherlands. Depending on the total number of barcodes you require now and are likely to need in the near future, select from:

    • GS1 codepakket 10 (10 Barcodes)
    • GS1 codepakket 100 (100 Barcodes)

    For larger packages we recommend consulting your national GS1 organization.

    You will receive an initial invoice for the ordered package and, since it is a license, you will receive an annual invoice each January covering the entire calendar year.

    Should you require a 100 barcodes (GS1 Codepakket 100), besides your company registration number (including an extract in pdf), we will require (an estimation of) your company’s annual turnover. Please provide this financial statement as an attachment to your application form.