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CompanyMember sinceTypeGLNsort descendingIndustry
Bonduelle Nederland B.V17-04-2000Data supplier3010836820304Food, Health and Beauty
Dexxon Data and Media Storage B.V.23-04-2009Data supplier3011261700407General Merchandise
Comp. des Salins du Midi et des Salines de l'Est18-06-2007Data supplier3011832800109Food, Health and Beauty
Delifrance Nederland B.V.09-09-2004Data supplier3012918100809Food, Health and Beauty
Home Bake B.V.07-06-2017Data supplier3012918102735Food, Health and Beauty
Flechtorfer Muhle - Walter Thonebe GmbH23-08-2007Data supplier4002755000003Food, Health and Beauty
Metsä Tissue GmbH04-09-2017Data supplier4004231000002Food, Health and Beauty
Bolsius International B.V.29-03-2005Data supplier4006523000004Food, Health and Beauty
Coroos Conserven B.V.01-03-2001Data supplier4008596000004Food, Health and Beauty
Papier-Mettler KG01-08-2006Data supplier4009044000003Food, Health and Beauty
Nestlé Wagner GmbH14-09-2016Data supplier4009233000005Food, Health and Beauty
Exceptional Trading B.V.05-04-2007Data supplier4014663361589Food, Health and Beauty
FrieslandCampina Cheese GmbH11-11-2015Data supplier4036365010008Food, Health and Beauty
BSN Medical11-04-2014Data supplier4042809000009Healthcare
MAM Babyartikel GmbH20-06-2014Data supplier4042894000007Food, Health and Beauty
MTD Products Netherlands B.V.18-05-2015Data supplier4047429000002
Eika Kerzen GmbH13-06-2013Data supplier4049758000005General Merchandise
Green Specialties Holland B.V.29-01-2015Data supplier4049929689633Food, Health and Beauty
Vleveka B.V.28-10-2008Data supplier4250273900002General Merchandise
JTG B.V.27-08-2014Data supplier4260004130004Food, Health and Beauty
Health and Happiness (H&H) Netherlands B.V.25-06-2018Data supplier4897091050016Food, Health and Beauty
John West Holland B.V.14-05-2007Data supplier5000171000002Food, Health and Beauty
Princes Foods B.V.13-06-2002Data supplier5000232300003Food, Health and Beauty
General Mills International Sárl09-11-2007Data supplier5010046000181Food, Health and Beauty
Blue Skies Holdings Ltd.24-11-2010Data supplier5038896000007Food, Health and Beauty
Glen Dimplex Benelux B.V.21-05-2013Data supplier5398888002038General Merchandise
Hamlet N.V.04-08-2004Data supplier5400265000008Food, Health and Beauty
Marine Harvest Pieters N.V.13-01-2005Data supplier5400281000006Food, Health and Beauty
PGZ Retail Concept N.V.03-01-2013Data supplier5400997000000Construction
PGZ Retail Concept N.V.03-01-2013Data receiver5400997000017Construction
Spadel Nederland B.V.17-08-2004Data supplier5410013000044Food, Health and Beauty
Henkel Nederland B.V.21-08-2015Data supplier5410091300081Food, Health and Beauty
S.C. Johnson Benelux BVBA/SARL17-04-2000Data supplier5410101000017Food, Health and Beauty
New Manta N.V.12-12-2005Data supplier5410201999990General Merchandise
Belgomilk CVBA19-08-2004Data supplier5410266000006Food, Health and Beauty
Natra Chocolate Belgium28-07-2000Data supplier5410291000002Food, Health and Beauty
McBride N.V. / S.A. België12-08-2004Data supplier5410306000003Food, Health and Beauty
Theo Coertjens International N.V.27-10-2005Data supplier5410371029602Food, Health and Beauty
Herman Dessers03-05-2018Data supplier5410424000008Food, Health and Beauty
Inexco Nederland B.V.25-03-2010Data supplier5410441000005Food, Health and Beauty


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