What to do in case of takeover?

Company name changes, but Chamber of Commerce number remains the same:

Go to MyGS1 and look under 'Account management'. Here you can adjust company data, such as name and address.

The Chamber of Commerce number will change:


Fill in a takeover form.

You can use the example below.
In this form, both parties declare that it concerns a takeover (party A indicates that it has been taken over by party B, party B indicates that it is taking over party A).


The new company completes the form 'Business data of new company in connection with acquisition of GS1 package(s)'.

See the form below.


Turnover data

For a number of our services, the annual turnover of the company determines the rate you pay. That is why we ask you to send along the company's most recent net annual turnover. It is also allowed to send a comparable proof showing the net annual turnover.

If it is a starting company (<12 months registered at the Chamber of Commerce), we ask for an estimate of the annual turnover (incl. acquired activities) so we can classify the company in a turnover category.


Send the data to GS1

Send the forms and the turnover data to bo@gs1.nl.

All invoices in the name of the 'old' company must be paid before the transfer can take place.

You will receive a confirmation e-mail.