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Companysort descendingMember sinceTypeGLNIndustry
&samhoud Food B.V.22-08-2019Data supplier8719689334000Food, Health and Beauty
'Njoy softijs B.V.16-11-2016Data supplier8719324608220Food, Health and Beauty
1 Bite Foods B.V.22-08-2012Data supplier8717568260006Food, Health and Beauty
1-2DRY BV23-11-2016Data supplier8717775820000Food, Health and Beauty
2 Sisters Storteboom B.V.24-04-2014Data supplier8710265000005Food, Health and Beauty
200 Fahrenheit B.V.09-01-2018Data supplier8719322163189Food, Health and Beauty
24 ICE B.V.18-05-2020Data supplier8718868983992
2B Different EDE B.V.04-01-2017Data supplier8712423035348Food, Health and Beauty
3G Professioneel07-01-2015Data supplier8712423033825Food, Health and Beauty
3M Nederland B.V.23-02-2007Data supplier8713258999997General Merchandise
Food, Health and Beauty
A-ware Packaging B.V.25-06-2015Data supplier8714252005134Food, Health and Beauty
A.L. Hoogesteger Fresh Specialist25-07-2008Data supplier8713245100009Food, Health and Beauty
A.S. Watson B.V.18-08-2004Data receiver8711555900999Food, Health and Beauty
A.Vogel B.V.22-04-2004Data supplier8711596000009Healthcare
Aardappelgroothandel Jansen-Dongen B.V.31-12-2002Data supplier8714252008609Food, Health and Beauty
Aarnink Vleeswaren B.V.10-05-2007Data supplier8712098000009Food, Health and Beauty
Aarts Conserven B.V.19-01-2005Data supplier8710277123457Food, Health and Beauty
Abbot Kinney's B.V.02-01-2018Data supplier8719189236002Food, Health and Beauty
Abbott Laboratories B.V.05-12-2003Data supplier8710428000002Healthcare
Abdij Onze Lieve Vrouw Van Koningshoeven16-11-2018Data supplier8719326428208Food, Health and Beauty
ABENA Re-Seller B.V.18-06-2019Data supplier8719333006895
ABENA Re-Seller B.V.18-06-2019Data supplier8719333006895Healthcare
ABS Sweets B.V.17-01-2011Data supplier8717677070008Food, Health and Beauty
Academisch Medisch Centrum (AMC)16-06-2017Data receiver8719333004747Healthcare
Academisch Ziekenhuis Maastricht02-04-2019Data receiver8719333011721Healthcare
ACAI Benelux04-05-2017Data supplier8719333004389Food, Health and Beauty
Actifood B.V.07-10-2014Data receiver8712423032729Food, Health and Beauty
Activin B.V.04-08-2014Data supplier8714252003208Food, Health and Beauty
Ad van Geloven B.V.17-04-2000Data supplier8712423002593Food, Health and Beauty
Added Pharma30-10-2014Data supplier8717729313466Healthcare
Adic Anglo Dutch Import Company B.V.17-06-2015Data supplier8711194999996General Merchandise
Administratiekantoor Maxxam CBK B.V.02-03-2017Data receiver8714253124001Food, Health and Beauty
Admiraal De Ruyter Ziekenhuis B.V.04-12-2018Data receiver8719331069991Healthcare
Adri en Zoon Schaal- en Schelpdierenhandel B.V.13-05-2016Data supplier8719283999995Food, Health and Beauty
Advion B.V.05-08-2014Data supplier8714774000006Food, Health and Beauty
Advion B.V.07-10-2014Data receiver8714774999997Food, Health and Beauty
Agarica B.V.04-06-2004Data supplier8712407000010Food, Health and Beauty
AGF Direct B.V.20-10-2015Data supplier8712423036383Food, Health and Beauty
AGP Trading B.V.24-07-2009Data supplier8712423012783DIY, Garden and Pets
Food, Health and Beauty
Agrios B.V.21-10-2015Data supplier8717953050601Food, Health and Beauty


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