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CompanyMember sincesort descendingTypeGLNIndustry
Belgomilk CVBA19-08-2004Data supplier5410266000006Food, Health and Beauty
Holiday Ice B.V.30-08-2004Data supplier8716448185217Food, Health and Beauty
Sivomatic B.V.30-08-2004Data supplier8710134802464DIY, Garden and Pets
Food, Health and Beauty
Germond B.V.30-08-2004Data supplier8716166000007Food, Health and Beauty
Royal Fruitmasters31-08-2004Data supplier8717521000014Food, Health and Beauty
Bakker Centrale Inkoop B.V.09-09-2004Data supplier8722800000012Food, Health and Beauty
Delifrance Nederland B.V.09-09-2004Data supplier3012918100809Food, Health and Beauty
Elvee Holland B.V.23-09-2004Data supplier8715937999991Food, Health and Beauty
Bresc B.V.08-10-2004Data supplier8712698000003Food, Health and Beauty
Vogelaar Vredehof B.V.08-10-2004Data supplier8712423006676Food, Health and Beauty
Fire-Up International B.V.29-10-2004Data supplier8711412000008DIY, Garden and Pets
Food, Health and Beauty
Caresse Cosmetics B.V.01-11-2004Data supplier8713769999981Food, Health and Beauty
Morubel NV02-11-2004Data supplier5410726999987Food, Health and Beauty
Van Diermen Masterbakers B.V.03-11-2004Data supplier8713189000007Food, Health and Beauty
Boboli Benelux B.V.03-11-2004Data supplier8715947000007Food, Health and Beauty
Mosterdmolen De Huisman B.V.11-11-2004Data supplier8711281000239Food, Health and Beauty
Veenbaas Potgrond B.V.19-11-2004Data supplier8712697000004DIY, Garden and Pets
Food, Health and Beauty
Buiteman B.V.07-12-2004Data supplier8710873999999Food, Health and Beauty
Bouter Cheese B.V.10-12-2004Data supplier8714179000007Food, Health and Beauty
BrandM B.V.14-12-2004Data supplier8712886515241Food, Health and Beauty
Harlekijntjes B.V.01-01-2005Data supplier8717524960018Food, Health and Beauty
Tasmania Handel-Maatschappij B.V.01-01-2005Data supplier8710943000020DIY, Garden and Pets
Food, Health and Beauty
Codi International B.V.05-01-2005Data supplier8711187000005Food, Health and Beauty
Koninklijke Sanders B.V.05-01-2005Data supplier8710919000009Food, Health and Beauty
Soma Roggebroodbakkerij B.V.11-01-2005Data supplier8710899006794Food, Health and Beauty
Marine Harvest Pieters N.V.13-01-2005Data supplier5400281000006Food, Health and Beauty
Smilde Homebaking B.V.19-01-2005Data supplier8717524520007Food, Health and Beauty
Aarts Conserven B.V.19-01-2005Data supplier8710277123457Food, Health and Beauty
Teeling Petfood Heerhugowaard B.V.19-01-2005Data supplier8712606000002Food, Health and Beauty
Ritmeester Cigars02-02-2005Data supplier8710568980004Food, Health and Beauty
D. van der Pol en Zonen B.V.23-03-2005Data supplier8710737000007Food, Health and Beauty
Bolsius International B.V.29-03-2005Data supplier4006523000004DIY, Garden and Pets
Food, Health and Beauty
Danish Crown Foods Haarlem B.V.01-04-2005Data supplier8713047000002Food, Health and Beauty
Koninklijke Utermohlen N.V.04-04-2005Data supplier8717484001325Healthcare
Food, Health and Beauty
Pita-bakkerij Cairo B.V.02-05-2005Data supplier8714535000016Food, Health and Beauty
Holland Pharma B.V.09-05-2005Data supplier8717473000001Healthcare
Food, Health and Beauty
Holland Pharma B.V.09-05-2005Data receiver8717473000018Healthcare
Food, Health and Beauty
Jacques' Kruidenboter B.V.09-05-2005Data supplier8710172000006Food, Health and Beauty
Brandwijk Peulvruchten06-06-2005Data supplier8711895000007Food, Health and Beauty
Coop. Fruitveiling Zuid-Limburg B.A.06-06-2005Data supplier8717604000009Food, Health and Beauty


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