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CompanyMember sinceTypeGLNsort descendingIndustry
Jos Poell B.V.13-08-2004Data supplier8710759000009Food, Health and Beauty
De Chocoladefabriek21-05-2010Data supplier8710762600005Food, Health and Beauty
Stegeman C.V.17-04-2000Data supplier8710765271257Food, Health and Beauty
Modderman Beheer B.V.16-08-2004Data supplier8710768000007Food, Health and Beauty
LFE B.V.12-08-2004Data supplier8710781000008Food, Health and Beauty
Van Dam Bodegraven B.V.09-09-2008Data supplier8710786000003Food, Health and Beauty
Geurts Conservenfabriek B.V.12-08-2004Data supplier8710812000014Food, Health and Beauty
Oerlemans Foods Waalwijk B.V.18-04-2018Data supplier8710816990007Food, Health and Beauty
Tiktak /Segafredo Zanetti Nederland B.V.26-08-2011Data supplier8710828000008Food, Health and Beauty
PPG Coatings Nederland B.V.02-11-2012Data supplier8710831000019DIY, Garden and Pets
Maxxium Nederland B.V.16-08-2004Data supplier8710833000000Food, Health and Beauty
Jeurgens Banket- Biscuit En Chocoladefabriek13-08-2004Data supplier8710843000007Food, Health and Beauty
Banketgilde04-05-2012Data supplier8710844000006Food, Health and Beauty
Westland Salades B.V.10-03-2008Data supplier8710846000004Food, Health and Beauty
Wessanen Nederland Holding B.V.01-01-2006Data supplier8710863000001Food, Health and Beauty
Vergeer Holland17-08-2004Data supplier8710866011110Food, Health and Beauty
DeCock Banket19-09-2011Data supplier8710869003334Food, Health and Beauty
C.I.V. Superunie B.A.20-06-2008Data receiver8710871000000Food, Health and Beauty
Detailresult Groep N.V.

Aan zowel de GLN van Detailresult (8710871000000) als aan GLN van Superunie (8710624900007) publiceren.

20-06-2008Data receiver8710871000000Food, Health and Beauty
Vocking B.V.14-11-2002Data supplier8710872110678Food, Health and Beauty
Buiteman B.V.07-12-2004Data supplier8710873999999Food, Health and Beauty
Bicro Food B.V.13-10-2005Data supplier8710879000019Food, Health and Beauty
Stevens International B.V.17-08-2004Data supplier8710881900000Food, Health and Beauty
Van Der Windt Verpakking B.V.28-09-2017Data supplier8710883000012Food, Health and Beauty
Kroon Vleeswaren B.V.15-06-2001Data supplier8710889000108Food, Health and Beauty
Soma Roggebroodbakkerij B.V.11-01-2005Data supplier8710899006794Food, Health and Beauty
Imperial Tobacco Nederland13-08-2004Data supplier8710900109001Food, Health and Beauty
Prochamp B.V.01-04-2008Data supplier8710911000007Food, Health and Beauty
FrieslandCampina Branded Netherlands16-10-2012Data supplier8710912888888Food, Health and Beauty
FrieslandCampina Cheese Retail EU21-10-2015Data supplier8710912999997Food, Health and Beauty
Koninklijke Sanders B.V.05-01-2005Data supplier8710919000009Food, Health and Beauty
Distilleerderij Hooghoudt B.V.22-12-2003Data supplier8710924970007Food, Health and Beauty
Lekkerland Nederland B.V.13-08-2004Data supplier8710934000008DIY, Garden and Pets
Food, Health and Beauty
Lekkerland Nederland B.V.04-04-2013Data receiver8710934170008DIY, Garden and Pets
Food, Health and Beauty
Compaxo Groep B.V.31-12-2002Data supplier8710939000010Food, Health and Beauty
Tasmania Handel-Maatschappij B.V.01-01-2005Data supplier8710943000020DIY, Garden and Pets
Food, Health and Beauty
Smilde Foods B.V.17-04-2000Data supplier8710948000001Food, Health and Beauty
Molenaar & Van Ginhoven B.V.14-09-2010Data supplier8710963999991DIY, Garden and Pets
Food, Health and Beauty
Betapress B.V.06-10-2005Data supplier8710966000014General Merchandise
Betapress B.V.30-10-2018Data receiver8710966999998Food, Health and Beauty


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