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Companysort descendingMember sinceTypeGLNIndustry
Bobeldijk Food Group10-08-2017Data supplier8712423019812Food, Health and Beauty
Boboli Benelux B.V.03-11-2004Data supplier8715947000007Food, Health and Beauty
Boehringer Ingelheim B.V.11-02-2003Data supplier8711642000021Healthcare
Food, Health and Beauty
Boek Specials Nederland B.V.18-03-2010Data supplier8716745000008General Merchandise
Boermarke B.V.17-12-2010Data supplier8713442500275Food, Health and Beauty B.V.17-11-2014Data receiver8712423020597DIY, Garden and Pets
General Merchandise
Boland B.V.11-06-2012Data supplier8712026000002General Merchandise
Bold Online B.V.09-04-2020Data supplier8719992815999
Bolletje B.V.17-04-2000Data supplier8710482000000Food, Health and Beauty
Bolsius International B.V.29-03-2005Data supplier4006523000004DIY, Garden and Pets
Food, Health and Beauty
Bolton Nederland B.V.17-04-2000Data supplier8711106000000Food, Health and Beauty
Bon Vivant In-site21-11-2014Data receiver8712423033399Solution providers
Bona Benelux B.V.17-10-2014Data supplier8712423033146DIY, Garden and Pets
Bond Seafood B.V.10-01-2012Data supplier8715271000001Food, Health and Beauty
Bonduelle Nederland B.V17-04-2000Data supplier3010836820304Food, Health and Beauty
Bonfait B.V.06-03-2012Data supplier8715509000001Food, Health and Beauty
Bonton Products B.V.08-08-2018Data supplier8717931190008Food, Health and Beauty
Boomsma Distilleerderij/ Wijnkoperij B.V.19-01-2006Data supplier8711114110456Food, Health and Beauty
BOON-foodconcepts B.V.22-08-2016Data supplier8719189106985Food, Health and Beauty
Borgesius Arnhem B.V.12-12-2017Data supplier8718927000035Food, Health and Beauty
Borgesius Bakkerijen B.V.12-12-2017Data supplier8718927000011Food, Health and Beauty
Borgesius Holding B.V.10-01-2018Data supplier8718927100001Food, Health and Beauty
Bos Akkerbouw19-12-2016Data supplier8717953124296Food, Health and Beauty
Bos Kaasgereedschappen B.V.04-10-2013Data supplier8713638000008General Merchandise
Bottel B.V.03-01-2019Data supplier8719333010304Food, Health and Beauty
Bouter Cheese B.V.10-12-2004Data supplier8714179000007Food, Health and Beauty
Bouwmaat Nederland B.V.11-02-2013Data receiver8711951900005DIY, Garden and Pets
Bowls and Dishes B.V.16-06-2015Data supplier8718546630002Food, Health and Beauty
Braas Brood- En Banketbakkerij B.V.10-03-2009Data supplier8715825000006Food, Health and Beauty
Brabantia Netherlands B.V.08-10-2007Data supplier8710755000010DIY, Garden and Pets
Food, Health and Beauty
Brand Expand Europe B.V.23-02-2010Data supplier8712423022201Food, Health and Beauty
Brand Loyalty BV08-08-2018Data supplier8714252030716Food, Health and Beauty
Brand Masters B.V.12-11-2015Data supplier8712423036390Food, Health and Beauty
Brand Masters B.V.13-11-2015Data receiver8717953278999Food, Health and Beauty
Brandenburg B.V. Vlees En Vleeswaren23-12-2003Data supplier8716647000014Food, Health and Beauty
Brandfoods B.V.20-04-2016Data supplier8719274520047Food, Health and Beauty
Branding Trends03-06-2019Data supplier8719333006116
BrandM B.V.14-12-2004Data supplier8712886515241Food, Health and Beauty
Brandplant B.V.06-11-2019Data supplier8720165517008
Brands & More B.V.28-09-2016Data supplier8719324134996Food, Health and Beauty


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