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CompanyMember sinceTypeGLNsort descendingIndustry
McBride N.V. / S.A. België12-08-2004Data supplier5410306000003Food, Health and Beauty
Theo Coertjens International N.V.27-10-2005Data supplier5410371029602Food, Health and Beauty
Herman Dessers03-05-2018Data supplier5410424000008Food, Health and Beauty
Inexco Nederland B.V.25-03-2010Data supplier5410441000005Food, Health and Beauty
Inexco Nederland B.V.04-10-2010Data supplier5410441000012Food, Health and Beauty
Nikita N.V.24-02-2012Data supplier5410473000004Food, Health and Beauty
ISFI s.a.28-11-2016Data supplier5410531000007Food, Health and Beauty
Ysco N.V.06-01-2006Data supplier5410651000000Food, Health and Beauty
Beyers Koffie17-04-2000Data supplier5410658000003Food, Health and Beauty
Morubel NV02-11-2004Data supplier5410726999987Food, Health and Beauty
Konings N.V.20-09-2005Data supplier5410746999998Food, Health and Beauty
Vleeswarenfabriek Brackenier LBC N.V.11-07-2005Data supplier5410751000009Food, Health and Beauty
Muller NV23-05-2017Data supplier5410767000000Food, Health and Beauty
Imperial Tobacco Nederland09-05-2018Data supplier5410791000007Food, Health and Beauty
Top Bronnen N.V.20-06-2005Data supplier5411118000007Food, Health and Beauty
Top Bronnen B.V.10-12-2013Data supplier5411118000021Food, Health and Beauty
Ontex BVBA (Afd. Zele )23-06-2000Data supplier5411416000006Food, Health and Beauty
Brouwerij Martens N.V.16-03-2006Data supplier5411616000004Food, Health and Beauty
Akzo Nobel Paints Belgium NV/SA17-07-2017Data supplier5412271000002DIY, Garden and Pets
Agristo N.V.08-06-2017Data supplier5412588999990Food, Health and Beauty
Culinor Food Group N.V.21-09-2017Data supplier5413011000009DIY, Garden and Pets
Food, Health and Beauty
The Belgian Chocolate Group N.V.04-03-2003Data supplier5413121999996Food, Health and Beauty
Roger & Roger04-08-2004Data supplier5414359000003Food, Health and Beauty
Diversi Foods B.V.05-04-2007Data supplier5420001099912Food, Health and Beauty
Mona Naturprodukte GmbH15-01-2020Data supplier5425000199984Food, Health and Beauty
Pervasco N.V.01-01-2020Data supplier5425038880007Food, Health and Beauty
Deli Home Belgium N.V.21-11-2013Data supplier5441553166709DIY, Garden and Pets
General Merchandise
ALL IN 1 BVBA24-03-2016Data supplier5488888005778Food, Health and Beauty
BRITA GmbH Netherlands17-12-2007Data supplier5499777043207Food, Health and Beauty
Nicols International SA25-04-2000Data supplier5499785217300Food, Health and Beauty
Aspire Brands B.V.26-04-2017Data supplier7080003872593Food, Health and Beauty
Navamedic AB15-07-2020Data supplier7300009074129
Isaberg Rapid AB (Locatie NL)24-01-2018Data supplier7313460000002DIY, Garden and Pets
LELOi AB05-12-2016Data supplier7350075025419Food, Health and Beauty
Establishment Labs S.A.07-06-2019Data supplier7449310100001Healthcare
Medela Benelux B.V.25-08-2014Data supplier7612367000000Healthcare
Rio Mints & Sweeteners B.V.19-06-2008Data supplier7640122990013Food, Health and Beauty
De'Longhi Benelux S.A.17-09-2015Data supplier8004399000018General Merchandise
Siebrand B.V.17-08-2004Data supplier8710102000007Food, Health and Beauty
Menken Orlando B.V.16-08-2004Data supplier8710105000004Food, Health and Beauty


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