Practical information

The implementation of GS1 Data Source demands a project approach in which several disciplines need to cooperate. Before starting, it is advisable to draw up a project plan in order to map the required activities, planning and resources.

First decisions

Consider how you would like to make your product data available: by using an implementation partner, your own IT-systems or manual data entry using the GS1 web interface. Please check the implementation partner finder which party could be of help to you here.

Collecting data

Create a summary of where and in which way the required product data is available within your organization, and to which level you might automatically supply this using IT technology. A lower level of manual work will reduce the number of errors. Incorrect data causes inefficiency throughout the entire supply chain. Examples of this are inconsistencies in invoices, disruptions in on-shelf availability and/or repairs and costs of logistical operations. So; watch your data quality!

Measurement rules

Measuring your products is an important step towards reliable data. To help you, a set of measurement rules is available.

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