Which packages are available

What do you want to code? Do you want to code products, locations, shipping units, or a combination of these?  
If you are ordering for the first time, a GS1 article code (EAN-13/GTIN) is the most common.

How many codes do you need?

How many codes you need, depends on the number of products and variants (colors, sizes) in the assortment.
Suppose you sell in t-shirts. Do you only have white t-shirts in one size? Then you need 1 code. Do you have a wider range? Then you need more codes, because every color and every size gets its own code.  

If you expect your assortment to grow, buy a larger package now. That is more economical than ordering extra. 

Single article codes (EAN-13)

You can order single article codes, up to a maximum of 5. If you need more codes or expect to need them soon, then choose a code package.

GS1 code packages

With a GS1 code package, you can code articles, locations and shipping units.

  Quaintity of items Quantity of locations Quantity of shipping units
GS1 code package 10    10    10    1 million
GS1 code package 100    100    100    10 million
GS1 code package 1.000    1.000    1.000    100 million
GS1 code package 10.000    10.000    10.000    1 billion
GS1 code package 100.000     100.000    100.000    10 billion

Global Location Numbers/GLN

Specially designed for coding locations. Packages are available with 1, 10, 100, 1,000 or 10,000 GLNs.

Serial Shippings Container Codes/SSCC

Specially designed for coding shipments. There are packages with 100,000, 1,000,000, 10,000,000 or 100,000,000 SSCCs.

Extra code packages

In addition to your existing GS1 code package, you can order the following.

Variable price/weight codes (23-codes)

For items with a variable weight and therefore a variable price. There are packages with 10 or 100 codes.

EAN-8 codes

For small items, these are ordered by the piece. 

Need advice?

Go to MyGS1 and use the advice tool.