Owner bin: Fruit Tech Campus in Geldermalsen. This bin is an essential part of our post-harvest process, designed to ensure that our fruit is properly cooled and sorted for optimal quality. 

Cooling process

  • Initial cooling: Once harvested, the fruit is quickly transported to the cooling bin. Rapid cooling is crucial to reduce the field heat and slow down the ripening process.
  • Temperature control: The bin maintains a consistent temperature, typically between 0°C and 4°C (32°F and 39°F), depending on the type of fruit being stored. This controlled environment helps preserve the fruit’s freshness and extend its shelf life.
  • Air circulation: The cooling bin is equipped with an advanced air circulation system that ensures uniform cooling throughout the bin. This helps prevent hot spots and ensures all fruit is cooled evenly.

Sorting process

  • Initial inspection: Before the fruit is placed in the bin, it undergoes an initial visual inspection to remove any damaged or overly ripe fruit.
  • Automated sorting: The bin is connected to an automated sorting system that categorizes the fruit based on size, weight, and quality. This system uses sensors and imaging technology to accurately sort the fruit.
  • Manual quality check: After automated sorting, a manual quality check is performed to ensure that only the best fruit is selected for storage and distribution. This step helps maintain high standards of quality.

Maintenance and monitoring

  • Regular maintenance: The bin and its systems undergo regular maintenance to ensure they operate efficiently. This includes cleaning, checking temperature controls, and servicing the air circulation system.
  • Continuous monitoring: The temperature and humidity levels within the bin are continuously monitored to ensure they remain within the optimal range.