This product comes from The Netherlands

In the beautiful region of De Betuwe, in the place Doornenburg, are the orchards of fruit grower Martijn Toll.

A real family business where the tastiest apples have been grown with great passion for years.

Grandfather Nico Toll sr. started the company in 1956 in Wijk bij Duurstede. In 1976, the orchards in Doornenburg were added. Son Ries also joined the company in 1980 and took over from his father in 1992. Meanwhile, grandson Martijn, who also chose a life as a fruit grower in 2012, and grandson Sander have joined this literally thriving company with great pleasure.

Apples from the Betuwe, which includes Doornenbrug, are praised for their exceptional flavour. The fertile river clay, temperate climate and abundant surface water are therefore the perfect breeding ground for quality fruit.

Growing the perfect apple is one thing, picking it at the right time is another. In ten weeks, Martijn and his colleagues pick all the apples by hand. Hard work, but the satisfaction is great. We work hard to grow as sustainably as possible, meeting the standard GlobalG.A.P.