This product comes from The Netherlands

Jacob Zuiker's organic fruit farm is located in Zeeland.

Jacob cultivates approximately 4.1 million Elstar apples and two varieties of pears each year on an 8-hectare orchard featuring 15,000 trees. Jacob, the company owner, is a member of Biofruit, an organization comprising six growers. Within Biofruit, all growers must have irrigation capabilities to ensure consistent production, resulting in exceptionally juicy fruit!

Jacob Zuiker has a perfect harvest this year, thanks to the sun! Under his apple trees is a hose from which water drips drop by drop. Each tree gets six litres of water per day this way. Combined with the large amount of sunshine, the Elstar apples are now perfect. Jacob also ensures the best possible natural balance and uses no pesticides. As a result, you will find few malicious insects on his apple trees.